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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Finale Failure


So... I watched the HowIMetYourMother 2 part finale, and I kind of wish I hadn't. The episodes weren't funny, but also weren't nostalgic. They certainly weren't legend...wait for it...dary. They were even depressing and infuriating at times. Sure, life has sad moments. People grow apart. But this is fiction, television, entertainment, an escape, a comedy.
This should have been the episode that lasts in our memory of all that was great about the show. I was looking forward to the finale, but I was very disappointed in it. This show went out with a dud rather than a bang. (no Barney pun intended)

All along, I've been making more appropriate mock titles for the show, so here are some based on the finale (spoilers):

"How I Wasted 9 Years Searching For A Temporary Solution"
"How I Met Your Mother, But Still Ended Up With Robin"
"How I Ruined A Great Show In 2 Episodes"
"How To Build Up To A Brief Footnote In Ted's Life"
"How To Spend Your Life Searching For Miss Right, and Still End Up With Miss Wrong"
"How To Abandon The Show's Premise After 9 Seasons"
"How To Untie Loose Ends"
"How To Punish Barney For Finally Settling Down"
"How To Alienate Your Fan Base"
"How To Make Your Kids Uncomfortable For 9 Years"
"How To Disrespect Your Late Wife's Memory"
"How I Never Loved Your Mother"
"How Your Mother Wasn't Robin"
"How I Gave Robin Yet Another Chance To Use Me"
"How Bad Was That Finale"

Maybe you liked it? Maybe you're glad Barney and Robin got divorced? Maybe you're glad Ted and Robin MAY HAVE gotten back together? Maybe you're ok with the show spending 9 seasons leading up to Ted meeting "The Mother", and then have her killed off a few minutes later (in real time, not the in show timeline)? Maybe you're ok with Ted finally finding and marrying the perfect woman for him, but ending up with someone who has been proven to be wrong for time many times? Maybe you're ok with Barney losing the only woman he ever truly loved, and that incident pulling the gang apart? Maybe you enjoyed the "How I Met Your Mother" finale, but I did not.

©2014 Denim McDemus

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