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Friday, March 8, 2013

King of Terrible Endings

Terrible ending to "King of the Nerds" last night!

1. It's dumb that they had the final 4, 3, and 2 all in one episode instead of three.

2. Ivan, the best contestant by far all throughout the show, lost in the final 4 in a physical challenge. This is a show to determine who is the biggest nerd, so why a physical challenge? Wouldn't the person losing the physical challenge be the biggest nerd?

3. It seems obvious that they rigged the show to keep three cute girls as the final three to keep their male viewers watching.

4. Stop giving Danielle camera time to boo hoo!

5. After a whole season of challenges on a competition show, it was ridiculous to have the winner be chosen by their former competitors' voting, rather than the winner earning it in a final challenge. The final round should have been the hardest to win.
Obviously the other contestants had biased opinions and grudges, so they wouldn't necessarily pick the deserving winner. Many of them were eliminated by losing to Genevieve, and were never threatened by useless Celeste.
Plus, the contestants who were eliminated early in the show weren't around to see which finalist had performed the best.

6. Celeste of all people winning really hurt the show's credibility. She's not even nerdy or smart or anything. She didn't earn her spot in the final 4, 3, or 2, and certainly not victory and $100,000. She was never in a nerd-off because no one saw her as a threat, since he didn't do anything at all during the whole competition. She was often a liability to her team in the team challenges, or just a non-factor. The ONLY things she achieved were pitting Danielle and Genevieve against each other in the second to last episode, and being so harmless that she went unnoticed by her competitors.

Congrats "King of the Nerds", you ruined your competition with an ill-advised ending that produced an undeserving winner.

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