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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Superman is not a nerd

Here's a thought to ponder:
Lately I've been discussing the degree of nerdiness of King of the Nerds contestants on Thursdays.
I recently watched a Big Bang Theory clip where Sheldon was wearing a Superman shirt and it got me thinking. I know Sheldon is a fictional character, but why would any nerd be into Superman? Superman is the original big dumb jock.
Batman is a dark loner who uses technology. Spiderman is a nerd who got bitten by a radioactive spider, and many superheroes received their powers from an accident or freak genetic mutation. And they often have trouble fitting into society.
Superman is an alien who uses superior strength to defeat his opponents, and as if that wasn't enough, oh yea he can fly too. Even when he puts on glasses to be Clark Kent, he's stiff a big buff jock type. And he's just pretending to need glasses, when really he can shoot laser beams from his eyes.
And he's accepted by everyone, celebrated like a Friday night QB who just won the big game.
How can any nerd relate to Superman? He should remind them of the jocks who pick on them for being nerds. Just a thought.